For as long as I can remember, I have been entranced with photographs. I was never a bookworm as a kid and  I honestly never connected well to the written word. What I did connect with was photographs.  More than a thousand words captured in a single frame telling the story of that moment in time. From a young age, I recall sifting through albums and prints as if they were books illustrating chapters in life. My grandfather, our families historian, fueled my passion further by sharing his slideshows and photo archives every time we had a visit. 

In college, I studied education and psychology earning a Bachelors of Arts in Special Education.  My real passion though, was in the arts which I did not discover until my senior year. It felt a bit ironic only discovering this passion months before my graduation date but I knew that somehow, someday this would be my life's journey. After college I continued to  practice painting, illustrating and design to discover my nitch. It all stopped the day I picked up my first SLR camera, a 35mm Canon Rebel, in 2005.  Everything I knew about composition, color, balance and storytelling captured in an instant on my film roll.  From that moment,  I knew found my true passion, something just clicked (no pun intended). I began to teach myself photography through books and practice.

I shot my first wedding in 2005 plus 2 more that year while I continued to pursue my career in education. I felt lifted and excited; how could I make this my career? It seemed so far fetched being a recent graduate from the school of education, how could I become a wedding photographer? 

Over the next few years, I continued to practice and perfect my craft as my husband and I traveled the world and we became the parents to two amazing little boys. Settling in Palm Beach in 2012 and  eager to get back to work, I took a leap and opened my very own photography business. Since then, I truly feel like I am living a dream, I have the MOST amazing job I could ever imagine! I get to witness and document my clients' most special milestones and turn them into tangible, treasured works of art that they will get to cherish for a lifetime and preserve for the untold generations.

So blessed!

So blessed!


Choosing a Photographer to capture your most important memories shouldn't be taken lightly. You are hiring a photographer to document you or your family; to understand what makes you special and bring out the best in you on camera. It’s essential to find someone you feel comfortable with, someone who can really see what makes you who you are and translate that into visual art. This special chemistry will make all the difference in the final images! 

Photography is an art; as such you can expect every photographer to offer a unique style of imagery. I personally love natural, clean, creative, and polished images. I love both natural light and studio light. You don’t have to be an art expert to decide whether or not you like a style - just browse through their portfolio. If the photographs you see make you feel good and are something you could envision in your home, chances are the photographer is a stylistically good fit for you! 

Part of what defines my style is in the way that I interact with my clients. I find gorgeous light and then let my clients interact with one another as I become a fly on the wall. I offer a bit of direction to get  my clients nice and relaxed and then just fire away capturing the true emotion. Time and time again my clients confess that they had so much fun and they had no idea it would be so enjoyable.

Although my approach to interacting with my clients may be relaxed, my attention to detail before, during and after the session are not. I consult with my clients before their session or wedding day to ensure that important moments and images are not left to chance. This way you can relax, knowing your special day is being carefully documented. While photographing, I take extreme care to make sure that images are photographed with great accuracy and style. After the images are captured, they are backed up in 3 locations before each image is carefully hand edited and published in its gallery.


Loving my job!

Loving my job!

Always a smile behind that lens.

Always a smile behind that lens.



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